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    Probar woman exericse

    ProBar was developed to reverse your compromised ability to move freely that’s been caused by injuries and the modern lifestyle. Training strength, speed and endurance are important, but mobility is the missing key. Open hips will make a runner faster; a full range of motion will make a golfer’s drive longer. Without mobility, athletes can’t maximize their performance to reach their potential best.

    ProBar is the premium bar-based mobility system that dials into your muscles for a more active and injury-free lifestyle. ProBar is one bar that configures into three training modalities to perform a wide range of movements. Its patented twist-and-pull feature with spring-loaded resistance corrects poor movement patterns and creates a wider, more precise range of motion; the half-bars with optional loading can be swung in all planes of motion for enhanced, injury-free performance. In the ring, on the field, green or court, or throughout your everyday life, ProBar will help you move better.

    Introduce Probar for better and safe posture

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